AS 350 "A-Star" Eurocopter


The cruising speed of the AS 350 is approximately 120 knots per hour (approximately 220 km/hr), its maximal range of flight is approximately 360 nautical miles which is equivalent to approximately 650 km.


The helicopter is equipped with a strong French Turbomeca engine with 652 horse power; three blades provide the helicopter with stability, and a smooth and quiet flight; the avionic systems of the helicopter are state of the art for the civilian market, including satellite navigation systems, a state of the art control and flight management system; and furthermore there is a special and unique safety system which has been installed in the helicopters used by the Company.

The passenger cabin of the helicopter comfortably seats 5 passengers, all of them facing forward, while the wide windows allow for comfortable observation outside. The helicopter's seats are very comfortable and covered with leather upholstery. The helicopter has a particularly efficient air-conditioning system suitable for the Israeli climate. The passenger cabin is equipped with a state of the art audio system enabling you to listen to the pilots and the flight, and converse in the helicopter as well as to listen to music. The drinks bar is at your disposal and if you have any preferences in this matter, you can order your favorite soft drink when booking the helicopter.

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